Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well, I decided to make my sister, Ronee, a gift for her birthday... which is in something like ummm... tomorrow... lol. Needless to say it will be late. I've decided on making her a messenger bag-type purse and the inspiration was this t-shirt:

Seriously... how do I see *that* and think "PURSE!!"? I'm not really sure. My mind is friggin' weird like that. But anyways, thanks to this post on Craftster I also got the idea to make the flap on the purse interchangeable. I know her favorite color is blue but didn't know if she'd like the design on the t-shirt as it's actually a bit more teal IRL (even if it does appear to perfectly match my new stillwater blue bedsheets in the photo above). Beautiful though.

The shirt reminded me of her since she recently got married to "her Mexican Man" (lol) and seems to have her own "Latin Soul". I'm also planning on a whole slew of accessories that will be outlined in other blogs.

Of course I'm planning on making one for myself too and am fiddling around with the idea of making one for Kayla as well. I'll post photos of them all here of course. ^_^ Hopefully they'll turn out as nice as they look in my mind.

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